Who Are We?

Welcome to The Unity Network. We're a UK-based logistics network that handles large items such as furniture, household appliances, and other "ugly freight" National couriers refuse to take. Our network includes hundreds of reliable partners who deliver packages that don't fit the usual categories of delivered items.

(Our Services) How Can We Help You?

We easily adapt to oversized, unusually-shaped, heavy, delicate, or valuable shipments.
Business Solutions:

Your customers expect you to deliver their items undamaged and on time, no matter how "ugly" it is. Our systems are set up to cope with the goods that regular couriers or postal channels can't process due to size, shape, value, or weight. We work with many small and large businesses dealing with large, awkward, or bulky items, including furniture, heavy computer equipment, medical supplies, and more.

Infrequent Users:

What do you do when sending a large or fragile item through the post? Do you need to ship a precious commodity that must be handled with extreme care or a cumbersome couch? If you need to send an item that requires extra staff, we can help.

Who Delivers For Us?

The Unity Network hand-vetted drivers are provided with uniforms, business cards, and vehicle identifications. We aim to create a national, recognizable brand that businesses and individuals can count on.

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